Underclock antminer s1

I just got the S1 today and another one on its way. The S1 is staying at How do i fix this? You can always try to increase the frequency to MHz and see if the miner will run stable and with low number of HW errors, however most likely the number of errors will increase and though the local hashrate may be higher the actual one at the pool might be lower than running the device on the lower operating frequency. Thanks for this website. The hardware rate is about 0.

AntMiner S1 overclock guide - Crypto Mining Blog

Of course I keep it in antminer 62 degree Fahrenheit room. Avalon4 28nm bitcoin miner Update. Last updated on Sep 19, at Based on the following values:. Please Login for use a quick navigation Have no account? Avalon4 28nm Bitcoin Miner Evaluation by Recently Avalon has released the fourth generation bitcoin miner. No, if only to reduce the operating frequency and does not modify the resistance,chip underclock does not change,power. Enjoy your cooler running, more efficient and silent AntMiner S1. AntMiner S1 Setup and undervolting guide added!

underclock antminer s1

It also happens to be the day I got my hands antminer a couple S5 Antminers. I know the info was already out there but you did an awesome job of dumbing it down, summing it up, and making underclock easy to follow.

How to make your AntMiner S1 efficient by Underclocking - COMPREHENSIVE NEWS Cybtc

underclock Anyway, thanks for being a reference for the past few months! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Getting started I had a single AntMiner S1 for some time. Green light flashing indicating mining activity. One blade of the miner with R3 R38 Antminer R Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log underclock Email required Address never made public.

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underclock antminer s1

Comparison of all mining underclock on the official Bitcoin wiki. I run small, outdated miners at underclock loss pointed at a P2Pool antminer because I like to do so. I found it easier to put way antminer on than needed and smudge it off with my finger than to try to apply just a little bit to get it down to the right value. Stuffed in the other end: Just rub the pencil lead on each capacitor per side, then check them with the meter.

Agreed, it antminer avalon 741 quite tedious.

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