Bitmain antminer s7 цена

One or two of the boards drop down to 16c and the miner hashes between 1. Hope for a response soon. Contact us via our contact page. Albert will follow up with you. I still have not been contacted. The default is but you might get higher hash rate at or Sometime the Hardware error are to high, you can see this under HW count. Play with the frequency and check the error count. Finally update the firmware to the latest. Have checked connnections and everything else without opening up. Should I just submit the RMA and send it back? OrderI have emailed both Missa and you Joseph with no response in 3 days.

AntMiner S7 Bitcoin SHA Mining ASIC overview - Reviews & Features |

Based on your e-mail the technical assistance you needed was beyond my knowledge so I had forwarded the e-mail to our senior tech support guy. Please send an message via our contact form antminer will give you an RMA and a return label as well. I received an s7 and bitmain getting цена red flashing light and continual beeping. I have ordered 3 asic miners from you, and so far the 2 that have been delivered have not worked.

I have also tried contacting several times in regards to this цена an Avalon6 that is not working either. Please contact us via our contact page. Include your phone number and a good time to call. We might give you a call to bitmain sure the unit is defective as all our tested prior to shipping. I received 2 replacements and they are dropping hashing boards every minutes. I have contacted your support team asic antminer s9 buy issue the Antminer shipping label but am still waiting after almost a week.

I will speak with them on Monday and see what is going on. It is possible they opt to cancel the sale refund your money base on their finding. I will make you get an update by Monday.

bitmain antminer s7 цена

antminer Shipping was relatively bitmain for the ground option. Lastly Missa is probably the best customer цена rep out there! Will definitely buy from here again! This antminer one bad batch. The S7 is not holding its hasrate, dropping to 3TH and eventually stopped hasting altogether after 24h. In the bitmain time — try to lower or increase your frequency. See what result you are getting. I will have to put my email here. I need instructions on how to return this defective Bitmain and get a replacement!

We just received our S7 Antminer and it is clearly unstable. The S7 is running at an avg. We are running at M frequency which is the setting it was defaulted at when we received it. Averaging 51Temp and Chain 2 averaging 40Temp. I am working on troubleshooting steps with support now. Works antminer for a few minutes and stops hashing and reboots. An S9 in the exactly same environment has no issues. You must be logged in to post a review. Additional Information Weight 15 lbs. Got something to discuss? What is the return policy цена warranty for this item? They are no return accepted for refund. It says in stock цена I can not check out?

Bitmain Antminer S7 Review: Is it Profitable to Buy? (Probably Not)

Says none in stock?? Will this item be back in stock antminer s9 прибыль December 20th or antminer it be earlier or later. We have relist with shopping date of Dec 28th. Our cost increased is reflected in the price. We have them in stock now. Our staff processing the unit. We will have them online Dec 25th. Was wondering the bitmain thing? Would love to be alerted when these are available for purchase again. Wish this цена in stock.

They had 11 in stock today and within an hour they were gone! Can you please give us a heads up when you are going to put more up? Price will be the same.

bitmain antminer s7 цена

Boards on the S7 and S9 are suspended on track within the case and are цена lose. We should have some relist this week by Friday. Hi Joseph, Will these be in stock anytime soon. And do you do international delivery? Will have some in stock by next Monday. We are antminer on more and should have another batch in about 10 days. Ok here goes… I bought 2 of these miners. I ordered four s7s and had to RMA two of them due to them not working. Fresh air is always nice. When will they be back in stock? I am willing to buy as soon as possible. We are working on our last batch. Тебя не в ту сторону понесло.

Мне не очень интересно за сколько времени окупится майнер. Зачем мне спрашивать в разделе трейдеры кто сколько зарабатывает? Если честно, то я сомневаюсь что ты орудуешь такими суммами, воротила. Full Member Offline Activity: Вот, кстати, скорее всего его ученик приоткрывает завесу тайны над секретами успешной торговли https: January 19, Heymdale on January 19, Bitmain здесь ты тогда antminer имел в виду https: Antminer цена идёт об цены в 3 месяца, пусть облачные мощности antminer подешевеют в 2 раза, выходит ты собираешься делать на бирже x1,5 в неделю, а так как употребляешь термин "заработать" а не выиграть, значит планируешь делать это стабильно.

И вот это мне понравилось очень https: January 20, Heymdale on January 20, Спора здесь нет, по поводу десятикратного выхлопа с s7 - согласен, bitmain прочитал, поэтому и спрашиваю по antminer u2 usb отзывы других изречений, может я их тоже неверно bitmain или верно и нужно тебя упрашивать создать PAMM счёт на btc-e, этож сколько недополученной прибыли из-за того что мой депозит не под твоим доверенным управлением.

Powered by SMF 1. February 04, Zabuza79 Newbie Offline Activity: January 07, Rabinovitch Цена Offline Activity: January 11, Vadi Цена Offline Activity: Hash board cannot be detected. Antminer is no information bitmain on the Miner status interface. The miner works with normal hash rate when it was bitmain firstly. After a while, there is no hash rate. A large number of antpools increased unreasonably.

Hash rate is normal. There is no use resetting the router. There is a short circuit inside one of the hash board.

bitmain antminer s7 цена

It leads to automatic protection. The miner will get burnt powered by the PSU of poor quality. Test the miner with multimeter to find which part is defective. Remove the defective part to repair. The PSU is defective. The hash boards are extensively defective resulting from the frequent network disconnection and continuous power supply.

Possible problems for Antminer-Troubleshooting for S7&S9&L3+ – Bitmain

Antminer miner цена to connect network frequently, which lead to program error in hash board. Catkins are likely to cause internal miner cold road congestion. The control board cannot get bitmain as the power section circuit in IO board is damaged. Hi, mi new S9 it doesnt works with the 3 has bitmain, i can see one of them in the miner status. What can i do? Also switched a good hashboard to the bad miner, and was working Ok. Should Antminer send it to цена If you have not already done so please email us at support bitmain. We can help you with your specific issue. I get the hardware version x. Curious thing, I own 02 Antminers S7, and both came up with the same issue at bitmain same time.

Thank you for submitting a ticket. I have antminer завод в китае to the ticket цена the information that you requested. Hi, i have an S9, and one of the boards showme a lots of "x", then i restart my miner, from the control panel, now the board doesnt turn on. I need antminer remove the damaged board to send it bitmain. I have my s7 cards have been damaging, sometimes when the frequency of to step back on sometimes not and in one of the cases the card comes on but the s7 does not have the same power does not reach 4.

All 17 of my miners stopped working at the same time and now say "socket connection failed, Good morning, I request your help since my S9 has presented a problem. The temperature of the third hashboard bitmain no longer displayed and цена groups of zeros have disappeared in the ASIC state. This has caused the hash rate to be less than normal, obviously the hashboard does not work properly. Reset the S9 and the values will not be reactivated. What can I do to resolve this situation? Air in fan spins at startup the exhaustr fans spins toward the end of the boot process at high speed only. Hi, please submit a support ticket so that we can help you troubleshoot. You can submit the ticket right from our web site.

I have a problem. Chain 6 is not shown in the tabs "Miner status". Chain 7 does not show the temperature of chip 1 and chip 2. I turn on the s9, the red led light on the chain 6. What should I order for repair? I still have a guarantee. Same issue for me 6. One of my hashing antminer does not show up or work anymore. I put so much into this. What do I do now?

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