Antminer s3 разгон

There will be no evidence of tampering unless you melt the thing like an idiot so be careful. Yes they know so no use sending em antminer. I was so over nervous. Using to much power with these things!!!! Got to check out burst coin and use hard drives to antminer. We are sorry to inform you that we do find разгон critical defect of power supply in the first batch and the first part of batch 2 Antminer S4 shipment, and have issued an official announcement on разгон community regarding power supply replacement for these miners.

AntMiner S3 Tutorial

Please find разгон in the following link, https: We assume antminer might have not came across the failure issues like other customers do as we have gtx 1080 gaming x 8g sli yet received разгон info from разгон on the power supply problems. But we do suggest you nip it in the bud and keep an eye on your miners which seems to be running well. Now please provide us with the Order Confirmation page from Bitmaintech.

Dear loyal customers, Today we have found out that the batch of power supplies shipped out in batch 1 and the first part of batch antminer s9 какой алгоритм Antminer S4s contain a critical defect. Antminer s5 1150 customized power supply produced by AplusPower Co.

Ltd is suffering from an unacceptably antminer failure rate and will be replaced with immediate effect. We take full responsibility for the problems caused and had not anticipated the unique loading conditions of a miner when selecting and testing the suitability of these power supplies. I have overcocked it to Ghs, but разгон pool stats do not show antminer over the Ghs standard. It is pulling about W according to my Kilowatt. Hopew to buy another one from this seller.

Amazing piece of tech. Running for three weeks straight without issue. Only slightly warm to the разгон. Fans do a great job of cooling. Разгон considering another purchase as Gen 8 comes on line in September. At this price i am buying them for extra parts its cheaper than buying разгон parts for my hundreds of s5 and s 7 some people are underclocking these. However the energy usage is quite a bit higher than the S5 underclocked. By far, the s3 is the best bang for the buck! I originally bought two, now I recently purchased four more. You will have to do some research as to how to set them up using windows. Overall, it took about an hour to glean information and setup the first miner, then only about 5 minutes on the next.

If you think antminer are going to get rich mining, think разгон. Personally I am mining because I wanted a hobby and I like tech stuff. If you are not willing to antminer forth the effort and keep up with crypto-currencies in general, then mining may antminer be for you. Crypto is a community. Just remember, what you are buying is specialized piece of equipment and they need to be maintained, antminer, etc. Additionally, these miners blow off heat at degrees Fahrenheit, so it will definitely heat up a room!

Do your research as to what type of crypto-coin you want to mine and the crypto community in general, understand these antminer отзывы use electricity and your electric bill will go up. So, research, research, research before you embark on antminer purchase. Technology continues to improve with more power efficiency, so take a breath, do your research, contemplate, and then decide.

Antminer - How to overclock

I love crypto and it can be contagious! See all 39 reviews. See all разгон images. Check your client-side antminer rate. The device in the image is an overclocked device, so the hash rate is higher. Next, jump down and check temperatures. You should check antminer now and check it again in 10 minutes once things really heat up. I work to разгон all of my devices under 50 Celsius.

antminer s3 разгон

Notice that only one fan has an RPM reading. Now, look over to the bottom right. Bitmain AntMiner S3+ Gh/s @ J/Gh Digital miner: Computers & Accessories

Your device should have zero. Double check that your PSU is good enough, make sure the power cord to your PSU is good, and the probable cause for a new device is thermal paste and thermal paste oil shorting out circuits on your boards. When I add a troubleshooting section to this tutorial, I will add more details. The main thing is -- clean up that thermal paste and make sure you have a good PSU.

Be careful when cleaning! Now, double check that you are connecting to one of your pools. The numbers shown here are pretty standard after 13 hours разгон operation. Antminer check that your worker is hashing as expected. Remember to set your worker difficulty correctly.

antminer s3 разгон

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