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Hard to find very clear info on what and how to do! So much conflicting data in the world. Little question if anyone can help. I have one antminer and two block erupters. Have had to manually add each device after starting BFGminer. Can I run all three using the same. Can I antminer overclock the antminer? Any advice on how to write the. Been slowly pulling hair out for about 8 hours now! I have read the comments above but im still slightly confused. This is a great guide.

I have been looking for a very easy to use guide. YanksAvs18 on January 29, What am I doing wrong with the AntMiner to get slower speeds? March 12, MTPcgr on March 11, March 21, What kind of system setup do you have? I switched to a Raspberry Pi running a powered Rosewill 10 port hub and am getting a steady 2. Start antminer miner, grab a cup of coffee, have a coke and a smile, and come back a while later.

Here is a link to a simple calculator for PPC: I am not that into Windows, if you have Windows you better check Zadig drivers. Yo man, I used the command line: I also used the other lines as well. Any ideas what should I do? I am new to this. I just purchased 1 Antminer antminer I am having problems.

USB Antminer U1 – Mining On My Own

Windows 7 cgminer and I use Btcguild. Can you help me out? I have the rosewill hub as well and up until a week or so ago, i was mining using Block Eruptors.

antminer a1

What you are paying for is the actual power measured by the device we are using for the antminer of the power consumption. The idle power we have measured was 75W This is the power usage that you can expect from the device as soon as you power up the AntMiner S1, it takes some time to start up antminer to connect to the Antminer in order to get work from the pool and the power usage during that time is about 75W. Also should your ASIC miner loose connection to the Internet or the pool it is configured to mine at gets down and there is no backup or the other pools are also not available the device will consume 75W of power doing antminer s9 описание nothing.

At the default frequency of MHz of the Bitmain chips used in this device and a hashrate of about GHs you can expect a power consumption of about W Avalon will come up as AVA. Avalon devices need the --enable-avalon option when compiling cgminer. Antminer will come up as AV6. Avalon7 will come up as AV7.

Klondike will come up as KLN. Klondike devices need the --enable-klondike option when compiling cgminer. BlackArrow Bitfury devices BlackArrow Bitfury devices need the --enable-bab option when compiling cgminer. BlackArrow Minion devices BlackArrow Minion devices need the --enable-minion option when compiling cgminer. Nanofury devices come up as NF1. Antminer devices come up as BXM. Cointerra devices come up as CTA devices and currently take only hidden command line arguments for power settings. Compac devices Compac devices need the antminer option when compiling cgminer.

After initialisation, cgminer will determine what type antminer are and give them the following names: Hashfast non standard eg.

Antminer u1: BFGminer: How to set up to mine Bitcoin

They appear with the following names: For this reason, setting up for mining with cgminer on these devices requires different drivers. When configuring your device, plug it in antminer wait for windows to attempt bitmain antminer d3 начинка install a driver on its own. It may think it has succeeded or failed but wait for it to finish regardless. This is NOT the driver you want installed. At this point you need to associate your device with the WinUSB driver. The easiest way to do this is to use the zadig utility which you must right click on and run as administrator.

Then once you plug in your device you can choose the "list all devices" from the "option" menu and you should be able to see antminer device as something like: Choose the install or replace driver option and select WinUSB. When you first switch a device over to WinUSB with zadig and it antminer that correctly on the left of the zadig window, but it still gives permission errors, you may need to unplug the USB miner and then plug it back in.

Buy ASIC Bitcoin Miners & Bitcoin Mining Equipment - Bitmain

Some users may need to reboot at this point. On linux, the direct USB support requires no antminer at all. However due to antminer d3 екатеринбург issues, you may not be able to mine directly antminer the devices as a regular user without giving the user access to the device or by mining as root administrator. In order to give your regular user access, you can make him a member of the plugdev group with the following commands: On OSX, like Linux, no drivers need to be installed. The following set of commands, followed by a reboot will increase that: No configuration should be necessary.

This command allows you to specify a chosen frequency to attempt to run all ANU devices at. Cgminer will try to find the nearest frequency the device supports and will report if the frequency is not exactly as requested. In the worst case scenario it will fail to start at too high a speed. Most will run happily up to If you notice hash rate drops or board fails to start, restart cgminer with lower clockspeed.

It will autodetect and hotplug using default options. You can customise the avalon behaviour by using the avalon-options antminer, and adjust its fan control-temperature relationship with avalon-temp. By default the avalon will also cut off when its temperature reaches 60 degrees. This WILL run your avalon beyond its normal specification so the usual warnings apply. When avalon-auto is enabled, the avalon-options for frequency and timeout are used as the starting point only. But indeed, the configuration is wrong, as the Antminer U1 speaks of 1.

So actually you can only go up antminer bitcoin miner s7 about 1. Interesting post i must say, i have 2 of thees myself and been doing some testing with them. Iv been using 2 diffrent kinds of software to test them. With the cgminer v3. The closest is AOZAIL rated for 5A but circuit change is needed, ill slaughter one of my miners and see if i can get antminer working sometime next week when parts arrive. This is the reply I got from the manufacturer: Hi, I am from Australia and I sell miners, I am experimenting to put the miners in oil for cooling, running stable at 2. I dont have much experience in electronics but I would like to give it a try, could you let me know which two resistors I should get and what else I need to run them at higher speed?

I designed one array of oil cooled miners. I need more miners. Can you please provide me with details of miners you sell. Thanks for your interest, I just send you an email. I have a quick question for you, which configure options did you use to compile bfgminer 3.

antminer a1

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