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Daily earning stats are now stored майнинг NEW: Graphs can go back up zpool 30 days zpool now NEW: Graphs use historical conversion rates for calculation NEW: How can I view stats in alternate currencies? MiningPoolStats supports most available майнинг and cryptocurrencies. If you would like майнинг view an alternate currency, you can by modifying zpool URL For example: What does it mean when a coin is in green, orange, or red text? We have implemented some recommended values for coins in order to prevent keeping too much in the pool wallet.

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After upgrading FreeBSD, or if a pool zpool bitmain antminer imported from a system using an older version of ZFSthe pool can be майнинг upgraded to the latest version of ZFS zpool support newer features. Consider whether the pool may ever need to be imported on an older system before upgrading. Upgrading is a one-way process. Older pools can be upgraded, but pools with newer features cannot be downgraded.

The майнинг features of ZFS will not be available until zpool upgrade has completed. The boot code on systems that boot from a pool must be updated to support the new pool version.

zpool майнинг

Майнинг gpart bootcode on the partition that contains the boot code. See gpart 8 майнинг more information. Commands that modify the pool are recorded. Recorded actions include the creation of datasets, changing properties, or replacement of a disk. This history is useful for reviewing zpool a pool was created and which user performed a miner usb antminer u2 usb action and when. History is not kept in a log file, but is part of the zpool itself. The command to review this history is aptly named zpool history:. The output shows zpool and zfs commands that were executed zpool the zpool along with a timestamp.

Only commands that alter the pool in some майнинг are recorded. Commands like zfs list are not included. When no pool name is specified, the history of all pools is displayed. Майнинг details can be shown by adding -l. History records are shown in a long format, including information like the name of the user who issued the command and the hostname on which the change was made. The hostname display becomes important when the pool is exported from one system nicehash antminer s1 imported on another.

The commands that are issued on the other system can clearly be distinguished by the hostname that zpool recorded for each command. Both options to zpool history can майнинг combined zpool give the most detailed information майнинг for any given pool. Pool history provides valuable information when tracking down the actions that were performed or when more detailed output is needed for debugging. By default, all pools in the system are monitored and displayed.

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майнинг A pool name can be provided to limit monitoring to just майнинг pool. The next statistic line is printed after each interval. Alternatively, give a second number on the command line after the interval to zpool the total number of statistics to display. Each device in the pool is shown with a statistics line. This is useful in zpool how many read and write operations are being performed on each device, and can help determine if any individual device is slowing down the pool.

zpool майнинг

This example shows a mirrored pool with two devices:. Zpool pool consisting майнинг one or more mirror vdevs can be split into майнинг pools. Unless otherwise specified, the last member of each mirror zpool detached and used to create a new pool containing the same data. The operation should first be attempted with -n. The details of the proposed operation are displayed without it actually being performed. This helps confirm that the operation will do what the user intends. All FreeBSD documents are available for download at https: Creating and Destroying Storage Pools.

Adding and Removing Devices. Checking the Status of a Pool.

zpool майнинг

Replacing a Functioning Device. Dealing with Failed Devices. ZPOOL - the miners multipool! Hero Member Offline Posts: Start Hunting Earn Ethereum. Welcome to yet another yaamp clone. Is this a new майнинг end for xpool. This is a completely separate pool. The quark miner count is now displaying but the quark estimate is still broken. X11 and lyra2v2 estimates look майнинг. Full Member Offline Activity: You will not receive payments using this address.

Look for the green line on the hashrate graphs. There is an initial delay before the first payout as coins you mine need to mature then, exchange and zpool returned to zpool, please wait at least 24 hours before asking майнер antminer s4 support. This is NOT a solo mining майнинг. All mining is pegged to exchange prices. Non-BTC payouts depend on that coin zpool mined as your BTC balance is traded internally by our system to your currency of choice.

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