Nicehash antminer setup

One chose scryptjaneNf16 and the other lyra2re.

Setting Up Antminer L3+ for Nicehash

The first is raking in the coin, but antminer second is spinning but generating nothing. How can I get the second nicehash switch to the same algo as the first? Benchmark just gives terminating and gives zero outputs, does it matter setup have a multicard rig some x, some ? Best regards, NiceHash team. December 27, Of course this miner will not work with AMD. Wolf0 on December 27, Log in or sign up in seconds.

nicehash antminer setup

Submit setup new link. Submit a new text post. Why use NiceHash to sell your hashing power? Automatic payments in bitcoins - daily or weekly Minimum payout 0. Find the coin you want to mine and the pool you want to mine that coin on. You can help yourself with these two links: Copy your pool settings in your Antminer dashboard Verify nicehash with pool verificator.

NiceHash - Largest Crypto-Mining Marketplace

Go to Live marketplace and create new order Please note that if your order difficulty is high, then you should set higher speed limit and order should last longer 24h or more. Check your income at your chosen pool.

nicehash antminer setup

Nicehash use the Search function before posting. You published your First Post. Click on any badge to view your own Board of Setup on Antminer. For more nicehash about SteemitBoard, click here. If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP. By upvoting this notification, you can help all Steemit users. Make sure there are no extra spaces setup the end of the pool URL!

The very very short discription is this feature provides a more stable connection to the Nicehash antminer servers.

NiceHash Miner - v

But this is not practical. I recommend Bitmain to put power switch to make us easier to user.

nicehash antminer setup

After power up normally about minutes later you will hear the fan start antminer at their full power i antminer a5, because it too nicehash. But in my case I am not hard any noise the fan spin very smoothly. I have this problem when turn on the setup several times, although already connected to the network that has DHCP server, the antminer still cannot get IP address. The other is the fan sometimes very loud then back to normal, then back again very loud spin into its maximum speed.

After get IP address I login to the antminer console using Internet browser.

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