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5 Best USB Bitcoin Miner ASIC Devices (Comparison)

Double Click the command file. If you get any errors: The number following "--bmsc-freq" will change. Your must add antminer r4 купить cooling to your device. I recommend a strong fan blowing cool air directly onto your AntMiner U1. Hero Member Offline Posts: Start Hunting Earn Ethereum. The only thing I have been struggling with is following: PaintShopPro6 on January 09, JakeC on January 10, Дом и сад Бизнес и промышленность Одежда, обувь и аксессуары Мобильные телефоны и аксессуары 3.

купить antminer usb

Предметы для коллекций 2. Бренд показать все Бренд. Совместимые валюты показать все Совместимые валюты. I sold them for antminers and everything is going quite well.

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I remember seeing a post about the amount of Block Eruptors you can put into usb hub and there was a formula for figuring that out: It came out to 7 safely in the hub. Since antminers are купить at antminer д3 как настроить watts, in theory, antminer the same calculations, antminer you but 9 antminers in the Rosewill? The Rosewill has a 4A powersupply, so 4A devided by usb. If they get hot, use only 9, just to be safe. Hi, I just bought купить Antminer on Amazon and I am preparing a small laptop to get them running as soon as they arrive. I was thinking of usb them in directly in the laptop at least till I decide to go beyond 2 3 How did you pick the pool?

You can do a BTC calculation at: I have been mining BTC with 1 U1 miner antminer over one month now. Состояние показать все Состояние. Формат показать все Формат. Все объявления Применен купить Параметры доставки показать все Параметры доставки. Показывать только показать все Показывать. Выгодные предложения и скидки. Following the instructions the setup went ok.

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The fact that you have to download two separate generic drivers was not newbie friendly. Anyhow, I connected to a pool at standard 1. Initially saw a few invalid nonce HW errors, but after the thing warmed up I no longer see any errors. By warm, I mean hot. Usb fan or forced air antminer. Seems like active cooling or lowered clock rate will be needed in the summer.

They chug along reliably bm1385 antminer s7 consistently. I strongly recommend only making a purchase of these through Jones Gear they are a seller here on Amazon. Jones Gear always comes through. Stay away from the vendors who have "goofy" or "unprofessional" or "foreign купить business names. This product works perfectly! I have had usb running now for 24 hours antminer no problems, but it does get quite hot. I would купить suggest getting a USB fan or something to cool it in addition.

купить antminer usb

I had a bit of trouble being a noob at this so I am going to include the link to the specific cgminer build that will run the miner at its advertised speed. If you are running on Windows download: I would also suggest creating a batch file: I am not responsible if you change the bmsc options and you break your hardware. That should get you started.

купить antminer usb

Item quick and easy to start and use with current cgminer version.

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