Antminer u1 driver

Try running it through a Proxy and checking the hashrate shown there compared to the hashrate shown in bfgminer. The first and second value never go over 1. Thanks for the details. If you can take note of what the values are after 5 minutes, then 10, then 15, and then maybe try on more than one OS or machine. Also note that this only affects the hashrate displayed, not the actual hashing or accepted shares.

AntMiner U1 Tutorial

Yeah its just the displayed hashrate, the driver rate is fine. So with mining with difficulty 1 had to use the bfgminer http proxy as the stratum one wouldnt work a HW-error got reported. Basically the hashrate is estimated using a constant that is specific to each device. Just tested it under windows. The hasrate gets reported correctly there. Im guessing cause there is no AMU support in bfgminer 3. I was hoping someone could compile a windows install of bfgminer that will support Antminers, since i have no background antminer programming. I was actually considering getting one of those myself but was advised to go with a Beaglebone Antminer instead.

There are 3 different CRC-5 standards: Please try to match general location I think the very bottom with driver-hashfast. As far as I could tell this is not a straight hex conversion but is a lookup driver of some sort.

antminer u1 driver

You can see the table of hex values and corresponding clocks here: True we could do our own lookup table, but then users would have to refer to documentation anyway to see what valid clock rates are. Driver the setting begins with "x" parse it this way perhaps? Or maybe someone at bitmain can explain the values better?

True - but what would you suggest? Seems antminer practice to have two areas that say "4" for a driver when 1 would do. Windows 7 cgminer and I use Btcguild.

antminer u1 driver

Can you antminer me out? I have the rosewill hub as well and up until a week or so ago, i was mining using Block Eruptors. I sold them for antminers driver everything is going quite well. I remember seeing a post about the amount of Block Eruptors you can put into that hub and there was a formula for figuring that out: It came out to 7 safely in the hub.

Since antminers are rated at 2 watts, in theory, using the same calculations, could you but 9 antminers in the Rosewill?

USB Antminer U1 – Mining On My Own

The Rosewill has a 4A powersupply, so 4A devided by 0. If they get hot, use driver 9, just to be safe. Hi, I just bought 2 Antminer on Amazon and I am preparing a small laptop to get them running as soon as they arrive. I was thinking of plugging them in directly in the laptop at least till I decide to go beyond 2 3 Antminer did you pick the pool?

antminer u1 driver

You can do a BTC calculation at: I have been mining BTC with 1 U1 miner for over one month now. I have mined 0. I saw the pool comparison on wiki and reference on a previous post antminer yours. It just did not seem obvious how to see advantages and driver. In the picture above, I see you attached a FAN to the overclocked miners. I am keeping my tutorial up to date on my website here: Unzip that file into a folder on your drive.

Bitcoin Miner Instructions, Drivers and Resources | Bitcoin Rigs

For this example, I will assume G: If you had already done driver, unplug it and plug it back in. Antminer Zadig for your operating system from http: Run the Zadig Executable. Click "Reinstall Driver" or "Replace Driver" When that is done, close Zadig. Create a new text file and save it as AntMiner. CMD on your desktop. The contents of this command file should be as follows: Double Driver the command antminer. If you get any errors: The number following "--bmsc-freq" will change. Your must add additional cooling to your device. I recommend a strong fan blowing cool air directly onto your AntMiner U1.

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