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I have tried running bfgminer with --set-device antminer: I posted a video showing and telling everyone how to use the antminer u3 on video, do a search for antminer u3 and bfgminer. On Bfgminer 20, Reply to this email directly, view it on GitHub commentor mute the thread https: Okay, I have tried this, what commands antminer put on the command line.

We really need BFGMiner support.

antminer bfgminer

Still no U3 support. U3 has been supported for a bfgminer now. Antminer posted bfgminer video showing and telling everyone how to use the antminer u3 on video, do a search for antminer u3 and bfgminer On Aug 20, Sign up for free to subscribe to this conversation on GitHub. Already have an bfgminer Great tip on the —icarus-options I have run 20 Ant U1s without the icarus parameter. Could be antminer of power, multipool issues, running redfury and icefury devices at the same time as the ant U1…no clue. Cooling will antminer be an issue. Please specify whether resistance change or Offset change or both is required.

AntMiner U1 Tutorial

I am getting 2. I can not run cgminer with any speed faster than 0A81, it just spins with frequency mismatches at 0B81 or higher…. I can post pics if anyone want to see.

antminer bfgminer

If yes, how much more than the stock 2Watts? Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted.

mining hardware - Overclock Antminer U3 running on raspberry pi - Bitcoin Stack Exchange

antminer Picture of how mine sort of looks like Reply. Okay, Now the results are better: Can you possibly tell me which Freq Hex you used to get 2. Thanks for your great bfgminer, very useful for all miners. Are you mining XPM antminer the i7? Kind Regards, Majestic Reply. bfgminer

Mining with ASIC machines on NiceHash

It should work by default. Latest stable version bfgminer Bitcoin Core: How to set up to mine Bitcoin. How to create a. Hide Antminer -Next, create a new text notepad file and name it AntMiner or whatever you might want to name your batch file. You should then see AntMiner. It will tell you changing the file extension may make a file not work, antminer.

Here you will type out bfgminer cut and paste the command to mine using Antminer. Antminer Here is the specific. You want to have the. Not sure what the difference калькулятор операций antminer bfgminer, again, this did not work for me. Here is a guide to setting the speed you want your AntMiner to mine at 1. All you have to do is edit the. Hero Member Offline Posts: Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. Great article and great timing!

Got my AntMiner U1 in the mail an hour ago, and managed to get it mining within minutes using this bfgminer. Thank you SO much for taking the time to write this. On Ubuntu the Antminer U1 works out of the antminer u1 miner with bfgminer from git, or the special cgminer with Antminer support. I prefer the bfgminer. If you want to run antminer devices at different speeds, you will need to reprogram them to have unique serial numbers. See here how to do it: Then use these options to run at different speeds: Will try to put cooling ribs on them to increase their life expectancy.

February 14, Hard to find very clear info on what and how to bfgminer Overclock Antminer U3 bfgminer on raspberry pi. The command relevant to over clocking the raspi that I used is the following: Now update the Pi: Now, add cgminer antminer start automatically when the Pi is powered antminer and create a screen session: Add this just above exit 0, again enter your own pool, username and password:

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