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Hi all, I am thinking about taking the leap into bitcoin mining but asic antminer официальный сайт I wanted some advice from others who already partake in this. I have done my research and the only information that I cannot seem to find is whether or not it is still profitable to mine for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, because all of the articles on this subject are from Does anyone mine for themselves and is it still profitable?

Ali Take 3 seconds to use Google instead of antminer lazy. I have an Antminer D3 and have been using this firmware. The fan noise reduction is significant too. If you want less hash rate maybe mining isnt for you?!?! With 3D Slash, you can edit 3d models like a stonecutter. The perfect tool for non-designers and antminer to create in 3D. Please Login to Comment.

antminer 3d

Please document your print and share a Make with the community. Click the button below and you will be redirected to PayPal. Tip Designer Report Thing. Liked By View All. Just unscrewed every screw the miner has and carefully separated the hash board from the heatsink. The next thing I added were the bottom plates. The bottom plates are flat on one side, but feature a bulge on the other side, to prevent air running antminer the gap between them and the heatsink. Then come the top covers.

These covers were a bit difficult to design as they also have to replace the metal plate which holds the main board.

Antminer Fan Shroud 4 Inch Exhaust by william_fecke - Thingiverse

Here it is antminer the miner: This way air is forced through the whole heatsink before allowed to go out, allowing you to use lower CFM fan and achieve the same temperatures. Here are both of my miners with the main boards screwed onto the top plates. The screws screw in into the plastic perfectly. I prefer having my ethernet cable running out of antminer miner at the top.

Antminer 3D Models |

It is just as easy to have it all on the bottom. Legs took me some time to get the height properly so that the fan can take in enough air. Legs are not necessary and your miners can be horizontal, antminer you wish. I was following the natural motion of the hot air so I prefer having them vertical. Leg, screw and the fan are shown antminer the picture: On the antminer s1 200gh image you can also see how I screwed in the fan to the miner, having the fan duct stuck in the middle. Screws are screwed in by hand and then just tightened a little bit with the tool on the picture: This is the bottom fan duct: It is designed to force the most air into the main heatsink, with little gaps letting the air through to side heatsinks and thermistors.

Antminer D3 Blissz Modified Firmware For Improved Performance - Crypto Mining Blog

Antminer u3 как настроить only reason for this is to force the air to move around external heatsinks and affect the thermistor. The fan duct perfectly fits the miner on one side and a mm fan on the other. Antminer were sticking out too much and fan duct would have 2mm gap from the miner.

The top fan duct is different, featuring no side gaps: It also perfectly fits the miner. The fan screws on top just as easy as it is with the bottom duct: You want the screws to be positioned like this: Antminer your screwdriver and start screwing it in. In the end it will just fall in.

antminer 3d

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