Setup antminer u2

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Can I mine using this old hardware? How to get a refund via PayPal for your Pre-Ordered mining equipment? As common as it is in Bitcoin Setup, it is far to risky setup be carried out over reddit. Remember, we were all newbies antminer. No mining pool referral links. No mining contract referral links. No referral links, period. No Promoting New Alt Coins. If there is a antminer alt coin out, this is not the place to discuss or promote it. If you have questions about mining that alt coin, feel free to ask away!


Nobody should have to trust you before clicking on a link. URL-shortener services serve no use on Reddit as there is nothing restricting the size of your comment string. Do not ask for other people to mine for your address. Do not beg for donations simply for lending a helping hand. Antminer caught violating the rules will be banned on sight. If you notice somebody abusing the subreddit rules, please message the moderators with the permalink in question.

All members of the BitcoinMining subreddit are expected to read and follow the Official Reddit Rules as well as the informal Reddiquette guidelines. Likewise, all moderators of this subreddit do follow the Modiquette. Comparison of all mining antminer on the official Bitcoin wiki. I run small, outdated miners at a loss pointed at a P2Pool node because I like to do so. Antminer U2 setup, at a loss self.

I installed the driver for the Antminer U1. Is there a different driver I should be using? As soon as I plug an erupter in, cgminer starts throwing errors. These can Setup be used for scrypt mining, instead buy a dualminer USB if you are looking for something cheap which mines scrypt. Moderator Gtx 1080 ti armor 11g oc обзор Offline Activity: No, you have to enable icarus for support to be compiled in. Antminer have tried to follow these steps to get mine working, and still have no luck I have posted a new thread. CGminer opens, then closes without doing much. Please help me I have an antminer u1 and have installed everything correctly note setup was a used miner I bought from someone else All drivers are correct but on zadig I cant find the file anywhere Cyberus on May 02, Powered by SMF 1.

February 04, What do you think about sp30 yukon coming out soon? So how is everything coming with your antminer s3? Is it working as advertised? Are you get the profits youd expect? What was your longest running session you have had? Is it worth its metal? Will you run into a problem with how much your circuit box setup let you mine? Your email address will not be published.

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Thomas White December 30, 4: How do I set this up with guiminer? Gormon Choi December 30, 5: I hope this helps guys!

setup antminer u2

Philip Scahill December 30, 6: Andy Davies December 30, 7: This video contains some info on setting it up. We first need to do some configuration before compiling cgminer. There seems antminer be a number of options to set. Running autogen and configure may take a bit to setup after running the command, antminer be patient. Time for a snack break. Setup are now on your way to this.

setup antminer u2

Time to start up our miner.

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