Antminer u3 scrypt

Might work, if you plan to use them in Autumn and Winter around a house, for heating purposes in the UK? You would need to work hard on the distribution of the units thoughout house. Home mining works, but with Bitman S5, it is cold in the UK for about 8 months each year and you can certainly heat some double rooms on watts. Therefore, it work outs that you only pay for 4 months of electricity each year. I would buy one of these just to look at — the ones being sold on amazon, not so much. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.

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antminer u3 scrypt

Balzero January 16th, at Bob January 17th, at I can not get BFGminer 4. Anyway to do this with BFGminer?

Antminer U3 Scrypt |

Perhaps if more customers ask them for BFGMiner support, that will change. In the meantime, can you send a sample unit? After about a week, Bitmain put the Antminer U3 manual online. What I hate, you have to use their cgminer 4. On Sat, Nov 22, at scrypt On Sat, Nov 22, at 2: The Antminer S1 device comes with its own operating system and a preinstalled version of cgminer as antminer of the flash firmware. No configuration should be necessary.

antminer u3 scrypt

By default, Antminer U1 devices run at a clockspeed of This command allows you to specify a chosen frequency to attempt to run all ANU devices at. Cgminer will try to find the nearest frequency the device supports and will report if the frequency is not exactly scrypt requested. In the worst case scenario antminer will fail to start at too high a speed.

antminer u3 scrypt

Most will run happily up to If you want to send one, I can antminer a look at getting it to work. I have posted my video showing it working with cgminer, and have a special account set up, and have asked for donations to help get bfgminer to work with it, so I shall check scrypt and get back with you.

BFGminer and antminer U3 · Issue # · luke-jr/bfgminer · GitHub

I hate cgminer, but at least 4. Everyone seems to ask antminer bfgminer, and my videos are coming up in the top searches for u3 mining, since Scrypt seem to be the only one who has actually been able to get the running and show step by step in the videos how to do it. On Tue, Dec 9, at My email is ortmanent gmail. On Tue, Dec 9, at 4:

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