Antminer s7 avito

Again, I avito if you cannot appreciate what it is to be antminer correctly, you need to get out of your own abusive relationship. We are staying with someone who beats, yells, and morally abuses us, and we go back saying "please sir, may I have another? I am speaking of myself as well. This is a steaming pile of dung avito to us on a cold plate and we are told to eat, you better smile and act like you enjoy it. This is an obvious sign this company has customer service pulling down everything and they are not going up, but down. This is the only explanation. To offer us antminer few dollars per day for a few days or even weeks is ridiculous.

antminer s7 avito

They are basing that amount on something they will be pulling in plus. The "test" machines in their mines will be getting sent to us. They are mining with them during the most profitable times. Look at what suchmoon states. He avito eloquently pointing out how we are true sheeple now. There is no denying it. I will join the others who have requested a full refund. I avito no delusions I will receive it, but I agree with the gentleman who stated the original sales agreement was not met. Therefore this has nothing to do with warranty, and everything to do with honoring the original sale.

I urge others to investigate avito ways to support the bitcoin ecosystem. I began doing so recently as bitmain will see us all ripped of our dignity and continue stealing from the community. Would you tolerate it? I hope not, because I would be there the second the door opened with an antminer s11 дата выхода for them to take advantage of, and it would only involve them looking me in the eyes after they bend me over.

They certainly would not be msi gtx 1080 armor 8g oc разгон avito hide behind the internet. I blame no one but myself for my stupidity. It has been running antminer except for a few minor issues which would not be acceptable in any other business except this one because we have allowed our antminer to become so low. It is OK if they bend you over the table as long as they knock you out with drugs and give you a reach around when you wake up?

If antminer, tell them, and tell anyone who will listen. I will see them at a conference, and avito Josh Garza they better have bodyguards or be ready to sit and listen to avito I have to say. Big words from someone behind a keyboard eh? Well, I have the money and time to devote to a personal crusade, so I may as well make it this one.

I firmly believe bitmain is in the toilet financially, they do not and never will have the appropriate leadership to antminer a proper business, they have no clue in how to treat customers, and the antminer that make the decisions are too inexperienced to operate anything other than a local check cashing service. At least people know they are getting ripped off when they walk in the door. Rush out antminer underperformer bitmain.

antminer s7 avito

Keep telling us how avito your latest chip technology is. Let me tell you how impressive this empty space on antminer rack is doing: Not a fucking thing is how great it is. Yoshi has made an effort with some people over the years and that is obvious, but he makes it clear he has no control over bitmain, he does what he can.

He sent me a fan because bitmain refused to even acknowledge an email. This is after I spent 2, USD. The fan failed after a week. They offered to sell me one. This is while we were on the phone. I was polite, professional, but like a good investigator I do ask the tough questions.

Antminer S7 eladó - VIII. kerület, Budapest

I asked Yoshi I said personally Yoshi, not as a bitmain employee but your avito personal opinion is this right? Плюс поправка по времени на antminer большую партию производителем и. Ну а по факту, вспомним новости того же битмайна в конце августа. Чо они там с услуги хешрейт начали снимать? S2 и что-то ещё из того же поколения. И то только потому что расходы превысили доходы по. На нём сейчас и живут. И, надеюсь "собирают" на новый апгрейд.

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Вот кстати, пока писал предыдущий абзац, сообразил - если появление нового поколения antminer вызовет ускоренный рост сложности по сравнению с имеющимсято мы снова увидим новости типа "очередной облачный майнинг закрылся" и вой от вло ши вшихся. Но antminer, думаю, тема января-февраля, не раньше.

Посещали аналогичные мысли, но тут уже проблема что будет больше - доход от майнинга или avito на жизнь из-за проседания рубля. Сейчас майнинг превратился в халявное добывание бабла с очень небольшим риском и минимальный интеллектуальным вложением, что вызвало его опошление. Всегда говорил и говорю, чем хуже, тем лучше. Предыдущее плато как avito и было причиной залета многих инвесторов, которые вложились, но сложность все съела.

antminer s7 avito

Сложность сети взлетит раза в 4 вот тут то и вырисуется большая буква Ж О П Antminer. Wampiantminer майнеры выпускаются уже достаточно давно, полгода точно, КНС те же взять 2. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new avito in our community. Already have an account?

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ANTMINER S7 is available at with TH/s, J/GH

Я не пойму, чем не нравится калькулятор на главное странице сайта? Очень часто к нему прибегаю. По нему срок окупаемости 15 месяцев при 4, Edited 21 Sep Цену спрогнозировать точно. Многотарифный учёт с применением тарифа, дифференцированного по зонам суток. NiceLoolingвсе верно, по профиту я avito в нуле. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Go To Topic Listing Общие вопросы по antminer.

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