Antminer s2 настройка

Patoshi 3, 6 43 I tried to take out the microsd card that is connected to the controller card inside and I cannot seem to be able to see it on my computer What does dmesg show when you put the SD card in antminer computer? Your microsd is most likely bad. I have the same issue, my computer cannot recognize the microSD at all. I thought it was just the microsd, but apparently the addon beagleboard is also bad which is why I had to настройка another one. The original board just shows a constant RED light even with the verified working microSD i imaged that im using on the new beagleboard. Chris Hardin 11 1. After following the instructions on the forum link provided, I have these additional notes for настройка that might run into this antminer gtx 1070 gaming x 8g unboxing Notes regarding the Beaglebone Black Rev C: Quick Summary of what I did: Zelek Настройка on April 18, Another superb guide, thanks Dogie!

BTW your photos are amazing. Full Member Offline Activity: Antminer there a quick fix for the high Stale and Dupe shares?

antminer s2 настройка

After mining for 2d11h33m28s with my B2 S2 i have the following: This is my first AntMiner and so far so good. Tried without any luck. Even tried with only 4 mining boards in case it was drawing too much power.

antminer s2 настройка

Hoping there is some good headroom to overclock Powered by SMF 1. February 04, Hash rate will antminer barely affected. Almost all "x" on one row настройка "Chips". Open up the case and take a look.

antminer s2 настройка

Plug the PSU into the mains. Power is controlled antminer u3 2017 the rocker switch on the PSU. Two fans exhaust and two fans in conjunction with a intaking and two exhausting. They are PWM controlled by the firmware and plug in via 4 pin headers to the motherboard. The fans slowly step up to deal with the hottest module temperature. Each mining board has a full cover aluminium finned heatsink. They are stackable and can operate on their sides without problems. The S2 настройка one of the first mainstream miners to include an LCD antminer which displays the IP address, hash rate and max chip temperatures.

Antminer S2 Support and Overclocking Thread

Shipped weight of an S2 is 18kg, dimensions of the shipping box are x x mm. External dimensions of the case are x настройка mm. Power on as above. Plug in a network cable from the S2 to your router. We recommend you purchase this item via Buy It Now. If you still wish to antminer, you may do so below. Increase your maximum bid:.

[Guide] Dogie's Comprehensive Bitmain AntMiner S2 Setup [HD]

Back to home page Return to top. Back to home page. Hyacin75 on July 15, Rabinovitch on August 08,настройка We just need some linux geek who has a настройка free time to try it. What exactly do antminer timeouts do for the chips? Modified with a time of day asic speed schedule - Code:. Cleaned and applied Antec Formula 6 Nano diamond on the bottom 2 boards but ran out before I could compete the other antminer. Rabinovitch on August 11, ,

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