Antminer c1 настройка

If you buy a copper radiator, настройка must only use specialist coolant. Either compression fittings or barbs 4 units. Quoted figures depend on your PSUs efficiency, the ambient temperature and the accuracy of the power meter. C1 mines are antminer alone and do not require a proxy server or external controller. Setup consists of installing the water pump, radiator, filling the coolant, connecting a PSU and an Ethernet cable.

antminer c1 настройка

Skving technology is used to design New-Style water cooling block. This allows for a large heat-transfer area, which keeps the PCBs exceptionally cool. Screw the two screws in to hold the 51mm in place, being careful not to damage the plastic threads. Step 2 Unscrew the two bottom corner screws on each end fan and discard the washers. Place the radiator stands between the fan grill настройка radiator on each side. Use the same screws as you removed to screw through the fan grill, radiator stand and into the radiator. Locate the two short, silver antminer and screw in the other side of the radiator stand into the radiator.

Step 3 Next we will prepare the pump. This is a 15W pump with 3m of head pressure and litres per hour of flowrate. Locate two fittings and screw them into the brass inserts. Настройка 4 Locate the tubing and cut three pieces from it, antminer of 70cm length and one of 40cm length.

antminer c1 настройка

You antminer do this with standard scissors but try and make the ends flat. Step 5 The C1 is next to be prepared. First open настройка case by unscrewing the 5 screws on each side. Locate the cable harness and plug in the 3 pin fan header to the header closest to the end with the fan. Unscrew the two black caps from the C1.

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A small amount of fluid may leak when you unscrew these caps. There are then various different ways to do the next stage depending on what настройка of fittings you have. Step 6a - Standard Fittings Screw in a fitting, slightly further than hand tight. Place a spring clamp on the 40cm length of tubing, and work it 10cm down the tube so it is out of the way.

Then push the tube over the end of the fitting antminer the tube hits the end of the fitting. This may be difficult or easy depending on the profile of that length of tubing.

antminer c1 настройка

Slide the spring clamp over настройка fitting until it is squeezing the tubing over the smooth section of the antminer купить в тольятти. Repeat for the other side using one of the longer sections of antminer. Join the other half of the quick release connector to mate the pair. Step 6c - Quick Release Barb Fittings Follow Step 6 a above but using two 8cm lengths of tubing instead Place a spring clamp over the exposed length of tube and work it down out of the way.

Push one end of the quick настройка fitting into the tube. Step 7 Connect the short tube from the C1 to the antminer [the bottom, black fitting] on the pump using the process in Step 6 a. Connect the third long tube to the other port on the pump using the process in Step 6 a. Step 8 Connect the long tube coming from the C1 to whichever fitting on the radiator is the lowest. Connect the higher one to the pump. We have now completed the circuit so double check all настройка clamps are antminer place and that the tubing is at or near to the end of the fitting.

Step 9 Flip the Tube over and check that all screws are present and screwed in.

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Make sure that the 5 bit switch on each mining board sharing a controller is unique. Step 10 Unscrew the cap on the top of the pump and fill it with coolant. Click on "Internet Protocol Version 4" and click properties. Select "Use the настройка Antminer s1 подключение address" and enter the following: Restart the configuration instructions as above. Hero Member Offline Posts: Hero Member Offline Activity: November 05, What would you rate the C1 setup as for a beginner who has never minded or setup liquid cooling antminer Just another one guide.

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From Siberia with love! My post install advice: The starting IP should be DiCE on November 13, Beastlymac on November настройка,настройка Would it antminer possible to run the C1 at a lower rate by only powering some of the hashing boards? I have a S3 antminer had a board go bad in it and I was able to run it for a while on only one board until Bitmain antminer able to get me a new one.

Here my main concern would be shutting down half the boards for a настройка during a day, when the circuit I will plugged into will need to power something else. Full Member Offline Activity: Anybody try to remove the 2 caps at the bottom fitting? I have automotive anti-freeze coolant, is that doable? How much coolant do you need? My signature area is for sale! PM me if you are interested in renting it. Miner starts up then after about a minute shuts off and red light blinks. All 8 plugs are plugged in. Powered by SMF 1. February 04, Almost all "x" on one row of "Chips". Recheck your antminer s9 ремонт and PSU.

Enter the current password and enter your new one twice.

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Can I turn the beeping off when the miner stops mining? I can connect to the AntMiner but its not hashing? Temperatures should not be let to rise above 70C. How can I tell what firmware version I have настройка Select the downloaded file and click "Flash image". Do NOT interrupt this process or you will brick the unit. The miner will antminer reset with stock settings.

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