Antminer 200gh s

200gh at you messages! Notice I make a group shipment after 20 units paid! Power supply not included: What kind of proof antminer you have I have no proof to give you. This force is possible only thanks to all web users and thanks to guys like me and you I suppose. It is not a business for me, and I have no website. Twitter is too time-consuming. I mean come on dude, your trying to sell some serious equipment on a account with 3 posts.

Antminer S7 ~TH/s @ W/GH 28nm ASIC Bitcoin Miner BTC & BCH

No one to vouch for you? And you know guys, there is lot of magical very powerful machines, very promising to pre-order, but coming vvvveeeerrrryyyy slowly. Now, it is completely normal to get some HW errors for an ASIC, especially overclocked one, but the percentage value should be fairly low if everything is normal. When you login to the Bitmain AntMiner S1 web interface and open the Miner Status page you have a field called HW, this field may show a high value, but in order to calculate the actual percent of the HW errors you need to use a special formula and not directly compare the number in the Accepted and HW fields as they may show similar numbers getting you to think that you are getting way too many errors bitman antminer r4 купить that is not the case.

That is however the case with our settings using MHz overclock frequency of the chips with an average of I do have to mention, my antminer is upside down, has extra fan that sucks the air out and i have it boxed from 3 sides with plexi. Thanks a lot for info how to use vi Kendall Bassett: I did what you told me to do. I just got the S1 today and another one on its way. Hiring staff is easy. Training 200gh to our standard is not but we 200gh working on it. Yeah brother I heard that. When will antminer be in stock? Open order on S7 will be filled this week and next week.

Reaming stock will then be offer. I expect at least pcs will be available by end of next week. Are my antminer orders ok and my 2 payments received? The unit was shipped very fast and has been working great.

[Overclock the Antminer S1 to GH/s] The EASY way! - updated to MHz ASIC

The only thing I recommend is sending out updates on when the products are antminer. I had to contact the company to receive the tracking number. Hi and happy new year, Would you please let me know if you are going to restock the Asic miners? Will i have to buy a power supply or does it come with one. If i have to buy separately which one on your site would you recommend. We are still catching up on orders from last batch. We ran out of the mm fan we use on the S7. Currently sold out and expect to be in stock Monday.

It will be a couple more days before we relist. Thanks for informing us ahead of time to have antminer in our Coinbase account. Usually you can purchase items on your website on a card. Sorry about this, really not our intention. When it 200gh to miners them self we only купить antminer d3 в москве из наличия Crypto payment and all sale are 200gh. I am very pleased with your service. Do you have any idea when the next batch of antminers will be available?

How to Overclock Your Bitmain AntMiner S1 to GH/s - Crypto Mining Blog

Miners are absolutely fantastic. Very clean and pristine. Will definitely buy more from here when they come in stock. BTW voskcoin sent me. This is solely my experience with the two miners they sent me. This is not a reflection of their company because so far the tech support has been very helpful. I bought 2 of these miners. From the moment I turned them on I had issues. The hashrate was all over the place. I Changed pools and it seemed to be cleared up for about 2 hours then the hashboards were dropping out left and right. I pulled the comm cables and swapped them around with no success.

antminer 200gh s

I cant run them over 4. Most times 1 board will die every 15 minutes and the other one has had all 3 boards die. The support team is currently working with me on a solution but as you know that cant come quick enough. The game of crypto is a tricky one and the sooner you can get hashing the better. So downtime is a BIG deal. Im sure they test all the products before they ship but I guess my two miners got overlooked somehow because they are quite frankly lemons. If you have not do so already.

Contact us via our contact page for an RMA replacement. We will send you a prepaid label.

antminer 200gh s

Hey can i receive some help? After a while one s7 started to have issues. One or two of the boards drop down to 16c and the miner hashes between 1. Hope for a response soon. Contact us via our contact page.

ANTMINER S1 GH s ASIC MINER with Corsair CX Power Supply | eBay

Albert will follow up with you. I still have not been contacted. The default antminer but you might get higher hash rate at or Sometime the Hardware error are to high, 200gh can see this under HW count. Play with the frequency and check the error count. This is really a great help!! I got 6x S1 incoming, and this excelent tutorial will serve me well.

Gonna tip for sure. I wish someone would have the baals to do a similar 200gh for knc machines NorTiaN on January 26, As you can see he mentioned your S1 version. On another note, check your kernel log under system antminer and see if you have the latest Firmware.

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